Ukrainian Brides

Characteristics of a Typical Ukrainian Bride


It isn’t easy to describe an average Ukrainian girl, because they are very different and each one of them is beautiful, but I will do my best. Ukrainian women are beautiful, economic, charming, sincere, and faithful. They will never go out without makeup, even if they just need to throw out garbage. Many of them know how to cook and remember that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Ukrainian girl is in constant search of a potential victim of her beauty and charm. And since there are more beautiful girls per capita in Ukraine than in any other country in the world, the competition among the female half is very serious. 


Like I already said, Ukrainian brides are very different, but an average Ukrainian bride has brown eyes, full beautifully defined lips, straight nose, and brown hair. Their figure is also close to idea: sexy long legs, beautiful breasts, protruding ass. 


Ukrainian girls perfectly understand that they are beautiful and sexy, but they also know that it isn’t enough to attract men. Regardless of gender, people like to communicate with someone who is smart, polite, attentive and interesting as an interlocutor. And Ukrainian brides are just like that. It is from her that you will learn the latest news, hear about books and film news, fill in your interest in culture, politics, and art.


The majority of Ukrainian brides believe that the most important thing in life is to get married successfully, and to keep what was mined at any cost. 


5 Reasons Why Dating a Ukrainian Woman is a Good Idea


Ukrainian women are purposeful and persistent careerists. However, even a Ukrainian girl with a strong character will treat a man with respect. It is really a mystery how beautiful sex manages to combine these two opposites. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why dating a Ukrainian bride is a great experience for any man:


  1. Relationship with a Ukrainian bride is all about patriarchy.  Independent women in Ukrainian do believe in strong men. A well-read and intelligent girl will respect a worthy partner. However, every medal has two sides. On the one, Ukrainian women retain the charm of the weaker sex, which European and American ladies are deprived of. Abandoned feminism erased the line between the sexes. On the other hand, Ukrainian brides will ask you to pay for them everywhere you go. It has always been like that in Ukraine. However, it’s not really a bad thing. Besides, your Ukrainian bride will be very grateful for everything;

  2. The beauty of Ukrainian women without self-admiration. Sexy ukrainian girls always dress neatly, even if they go out to a nearby park or store. They know how to combine colors in clothes and what to wear to attract male attention. Before leaving, the lady will stand in front of the mirror for half an hour. An important nuance: this is not about narcissism, but about a critical assessment of one’s own appearance. Ukrainian brides do everything they can to look attractive. This is very different in Europe in America, where girls only care about comfort and don’t care that much about their appearance;

  3. If you marry a Ukrainian girl, you will understand the real meaning of freedom. Ukrainian girls are also very unpredictable. For example, you can wake up in the morning and find that your beloved decided to quit her job and make a brilliant career in an unexpected sphere. Emotionality beats rationality in the minds of Ukrainian girls. Go to the beach at night? With pleasure! Get ready for a trip in an hour? Easily! Open your own business? And this is possible as well! Ukrainian girl is always ready for significant changes, and while the foreign groom assesses the benefits and risks, she already starts acting. Brave deeds are not a hindrance to a strong marriage. Ukrainian women know how to inspire, and the practicality of a foreign husband will prevent unpleasant consequences;

  4. A life-long marriage. According to foreign men, only a Ukrainian bride is able to unconditionally love a chosen one. She will believe in him both in grief and in joy. Such is the mysterious soul of a Ukrainian girl. For foreigners who have seen enough of the mercantile, intelligent, and practical Western women, such devotion is truly something;

  5. Ukrainian brides are fantastic mothers. Foreigners note that the maternal instinct in Ukrainian women is developed better than in European or American women. In Ukraine, families without children are considered inferior. There is no childfree philosophy here. Ukrainian girls are psychologically ready for the birth of a child immediately after marriage. In Europe and the USA, women manage to live without children up to 30–35 years old. 

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Why Foreigners are So Excited About Ukrainian Ladies


It is no longer a secret that Ukrainian brides have lately become a subject of dreams for foreigners. And this is not only due to the fact that Ukrainian women are famous for their outstanding appearance. Of course, the Ukrainian braid and their bright eyes have always been a wonder for Western men. But in the modern world beauty is not enough. Expectations from each other are growing at the same rate as the skyscrapers in metropolitan areas. So what are the things that attract foreigners in Ukrainian brides, if it isn’t just the appearance?


In the modern world (European countries and USA), women keep talking about independence. Feminism and emancipation are quite famous words nowadays. European and American women feel like they can handle everything themselves, and don't need anyone else. They don’t want men to help them, or pay for them.


But let's think for a minute. Why does a man need a woman who can do everything herself? Nobody says that equality is bad. Every person should self-realize in this life. But whether we want to admit it or not, the laws of nature must be in their places.


The man is the breadwinner and protector, the woman is the keeper of the hearth and a faithful companion. And when everything is in its place - there is peace and comfort in the family. And, most importantly, it can be called a family. That’s one of the reasons why foreigners prefer Ukrainian women. Due to the fact that despite strong national traditions, the institution of the family began to fall apart. And Ukraine keeps this simple secret of family happiness and brings it up from an early age in each person, where the man should be strong and handsome, and the girl should be feminine and a bit helpless.


However, this doesn’t mean that Ukrainian brides only depend from men and are useless. Many women in Ukraine have a great career and are always striving to get a higher education, or even more than one.


But at the same time, they always remain well-groomed, caring, and sexy. They are gentle creatures at heart (even if this gentle creature is the director of a huge corporation during the mom of three children when she comes home work in the evening) and want a strong shoulder nearby. Balance and harmony is what really matters. 


Ukrainian Women And Their Self-Care


The incredible beauty of Ukrainian women has long been known around the world. Today, to maintain this natural attractiveness is not at all difficult, you can simply use various cosmetic products, as long as you have money. However, back in the day, Ukrainian brides owned some magical secrets, because in ancient times there were no well-known cosmetic companies, and there are still legends up to this day about how charming Ukrainian girls are.


You are probably wondering how Ukrainians women managed look good, maintain beauty and stay healthy for many years despite the hard work and difficult living conditions. Here are all the answers:


Face care


To make the face look young and healthy, women used masks and creams that were made from natural remedies available to them. They used everything, including herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, honey, butter, eggs, vegetable juices, oils, etc.


They mostly washed their face with clean water, which was collected early in the morning from the trees in the garden — from cherries, lindens or apples. This gave them vitality and freshness for the whole day. They also liked to wash in the morning with fresh or sour milk, which made the skin whiter and more elastic. These products have also been effective in softening and moisturizing the skin. In the evening, to soothe the skin of the face, all sorts of decoctions were made from medicinal herbs (a string, lovage, mint, thyme).


For normal skin type skin care, they used various decoctions, such as medicinal chamomile flowers, linden color, rose or rosehip petals, and mint leaves. If the skin was oily or combined,  then they used decoctions and infusions made of herbs, such as St. John's wort, calendula, horsetail, coltsfoot, yarrow. These drugs also had anti-inflammatory effects. 


Ukrainian brides also loved all kinds of masks, which were also made from what was at hand, and that mother nature gave them generously. Almost all the fruits, vegetables, and berries that were at the time of the season were used, because they provided necessary vitamins for the skin. And they did these masks periodically, about once a week.


Hand care


Ukrainian girls had problems with dry hands, because of hard work, especially associated with. Therefore, their hands required special attention.


In order to cure hands of cracks and dryness, the skin was smeared with an ointment made from a decoction of burdock root, which was mixed with animal fat (mainly beef). Sea buckthorn was also very useful. They just rubbed their hands, as it bleached and healed the skin.


To soften dry skin, potato compresses were used - boiled potatoes were kneaded and milk and a few drops of vegetable oil were added to it. 


To moisturize the skin of the hands, a cream from a mixture of medicinal herbs was also suitable, which was poured with boiling water and infused for up to eight hours, and then mixed with butter and honey.


Hair care


Ukrainian women have always been distinguished by their long, thick and lush hair. It was not easy to care for such hair, but it was worth it, because the hair was a real female treasure.


They washed their hair with warm water, which was taken from natural sources. Herbs were necessarily added to the water, which made them healthy. They used lovage for the density and strength of the hair, chamomile gave shine and a golden hue,  and mind made the hair more soft


They rinsed the hair with infusions of nettle leaves or birch, and also used chamomile flowers. For such an infusion, the dried herbs were crushed and poured boiling water (1 cup of boiled water per 1 tablespoon of grass), insisted before cooling and filtered.


Body care


Ukrainian women paid a lot of attention to caring for their bodies, since they were accustomed to tidiness and cleanliness from childhood. They used  herbs for body care, which were added to the water in which they bathed. To do this, they took mint, chamomile, a string, marigold, lovage, thyme. All of this gave the water a pleasant smell. Various herbs were also added to the rinse water, and sometimes even sliced ​​apples or wild pears.


How was makeup done?


No matter how generously nature bestows a woman, she still wants to look more beautiful. And for this, natural cosmetics, made from fruits and vegetables, have long been used. For example, they tinted lips with cherry juice, and beets replaced blush. For a deeper and more expressive look, they used soot.


Women did not forget about the pleasant aroma either, so instead of perfume they used a very delicate mint smell. 


Ukrainian brides really knew how to take care of themselves back in the day, and that is also one of the reasons why they are still so attractive.


How to Get a Ukrainian Bride to Like You


Certain rules of communication are the same for girls of any nationality. In this case, gender  matters more than generic principles. However, Ukrainian women require a special approach to themselves, without which it is impossible to count on successful relationships. Therefore, you should memorize the following rules:


  1. Ukrainian brides, just like any other girls, pay special attention to the cleanliness, tidiness of a man, to the smell that emanates from him. The first impression is very important. Therefore, be attentive to your appearance.

  2. Be positive. A Ukrainian girl, as a rule, doesn’t really like to be idle. She studies, she works, she goes to museums. It’s very hard to keep up with her. But there is no point in chasing her. Just be satisfied with life and only show positive emotions. Slavic beauties do not appreciate those who always blame their failures on others,  complain, and don’t do anything to make their lives better. Therefore, stay confident and courageous. Leave all of the problems in the past;

  3. Let your Ukrainian beauty know how you feel about her, but at the same time don’t be too banal. Like any other girl, Ukrainian bride likes compliments. But throwing a daily “you look good” will not work. It will be important to show your true admiration. Fortunately, it will be pretty easy to do with a Ukrainian lady;

  4. Act like a real man. Running after a Ukrainian bride is the last thing you should do, especially if she is not interested in you. Most likely, she already has at least a dozen of fans. Do not show your increased interest. Stand aside, show dominance at meetings, value yourself. Such tactics show great result with Ukrainian brides;

  5. Never lie to your Ukrainian love. If you are dating a Ukrainian bride, then you are either truly in love, or you are trying to demonstrate the appearance of feelings in order to have sex. In the first case, your chances are great, but the second option won’t work with Ukrainian brides. Ukrainian girls don't like being treated like a thing. Many men, knowing that Ukrainian girls are beautiful, want to immediately drag them to bed. Perhaps, the girls want it as well, but it should not be forgotten that every girl is a person who needs to feel unique and desirable. Therefore, be attentive to what you are talking about. Don't ask stupid questions about sex. For Ukrainians, the topic of sex is very personal, and it is not customary to talk about it in public;

  6. Be generous. By this I don’t mean that you should spend all of your money on expensive gifts. However, showing that she is indifferent to you will make your relationships a lot better. Find gifts that she is guaranteed to enjoy, do not be stingy and do not save time by purchasing an expensive but tasteless bauble;

  7. Listen to her. The problem with many people is that they simply do not know how to keep the conversation correctly. Learn not only to listen, but also to hear what the girl Ukrainian bride is telling you. Sensitivity is in her blood, so if she feels that you are just pretending and not really listening to her, then it might ruin your relationships;

  8. Learn to intrigue. Try to make your new passion look forward to every date. Ukrainian girls are curious like cats, and this can and should be used to your advantage. Do not postpone the walk until the moment when it becomes boring for both of you. Do not call her on dates too often. Three times a week at the initial stage will be enough;

  9. Keep developing yourself. You won’t have a chance with a Ukrainian girl if you won’t act like yourself, or if she will find you boring, because Ukrainian brides ate boring men. If you have nothing to say and only sex is on your mind, it means that you do not enjoy communicating with a girl and you do not appreciate her. Remember that you are a foreigner, you can talk about your country, and the interesting things that you can find there. It is very important to listen carefully to the opinion of the interlocutor. Besides, try to learn something new every day, go to exhibitions, and set goals for yourself to become a more interesting person.


Most of the Ukrainian brides don’t care about how rich you are. However, there are always exceptions.  No need to worry though. Remember, Ukrainian has a large amount of lovely women, but not everyone will suit you. Be selective.