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Why foreigners are looking for Russian wives? Answer is in a personality


While European women dream of Mr. Right and imagine the perfect man in their minds, Russian women are often less interested in outward appearances than in the inner values of a man. Because in Russia it is mainly the women who like to shine with their beauty. For this reason, Apollonian beauty does not necessarily count to the main features of a Russian Mr. Perfect. The Soviet past, when women took care not only of the household and child care, but also of livelihood, has greatly influenced the Russians and is now part of the selection process that they carry out with a man. Today's Russian woman wants to be a woman, to be enshrined, loved and adored. Also, a man who can provide and protect his beloved and supports them in the household and in child rearing finds a Russian attractive. The long years of alleged gender equality have taught the Russians that a woman can be equal to a man but still remain a woman. For this reason, many women from Russia find men from Germany, Austria or Switzerland so attractive. Because these men are used to being the man in the house, to take care of the family and still respect their own wife. On the other hand, in the minds of Russian men there is still often the Soviet image of women of an all-creating over-wife whom they know from their mothers and grandmothers.

Although the preconditions for getting together with a Russian are promising for a Western European man, it takes a lot of work to conquer her heart. Plate flattery and dishonesty immediately strike the wise Russian. What the “Russian soul” demands is reliability and depth. She wants to get to know you from all sides, so be as honest as possible. If you are unsure whether she can overlook your blemish, do not worry — it is her dear, you are a man with rough edges as a perfect blender.

How To Find A Wife There?


For mail order bride dating in Russia, we can give you some tips on the road. The most important rule is not to be too naive and not to have too many expectations. Meetings abroad are significantly different from finding a partner in their home country, because such acquaintances encounter foreign culture and other mentality, and because of the distance are easy prey for scammers. If you are looking for a Russian woman, you should pay attention to the following points.

In addition, you must be ready to marry if you find one that is suitable. Because of distance, long-distance relationships will not work in the long run.

Different mentality


When looking for a partner in Eastern Europe, one should not underestimate the completely different mentality of the Russians. This is the most common reason why men end up frustrated and refuse to find a partner in Eastern Europe.

Many gentlemen looking for a partner do not know that communication with Eastern European women is very different. If you are seriously thinking about partnership in Russia, you should prepare. It will save you from unpleasant surprises.

To help you better understand women and not be disappointed at the end of the day, because you have different expectations or expectations from Russian women, we recommend that you read several books about the mentality of women. On Amazon, you will also find an e-book on this topic. "Fat Leader of Russia" is also recommended for the first acquaintance with the culture. Such readings are usually highly recommended for finding a partner abroad, be it Thailand, the Philippines, Latin America or even Eastern Europe.

Romance rogue / inside


Romance-scammer Romantic scammers (also called love cheats) are a common problem when looking for a partner in Eastern Europe. Sometimes these are single women or even entire organizations that earn their bread from robberies of gullible men.

Love fraud is always based on the standard scheme: a pretty woman looks very interested and deceived a man in front of her love. Then she wants to visit a man, but she has no money for a trip, or something bad happens to one of her relatives, and they ask a person for money.

Our advice: never transfer money to acquaintances you never met in real life, then you are safe.

Family values for Russian girl


All women look like normal women, but Russian women look like goddesses. Almost. The cliché about their beauty is one of the most widely used stereotypes, though admittedly not far from reality: Russian women are indeed investing a lot of time and attention in their looks. Put out the trash in stilettos? Make-up, just to buy something for a while? Yes why not? However, their partners will be those who, in both the literal and the figurative sense, have to pay for all the beauty.

Your dozen utensils in the bathroom shelf will quickly displace your lonely deodorant and then begin to fall on your head while showering. In addition, a Russian woman is a source of constant concern and you will have to struggle with her fists or Instagram comments from time to time. In other words, say goodbye to your quiet life.

1. Fortunately, you will always be well-fed

Of course, everything is a matter of self-restraint, but the temptation to land one day in the kitchen and never leave its cozy four walls will only get bigger. In fact, women born in Russian families are brought up from childhood to believe the following wisdom: "Love goes through the stomach." In plain language, if you cook poorly or little, your friend will make you a girl leave from next door.

You can be sure that she makes everything in Russian proportions: if she boils borscht, then in a five-liter saucepan, if she makes salad, there will be a pool of it, and if she makes meat, then a whole baking tray , Do not forget your family too. A visit to your girlfriend's relatives always involves a sumptuous meal that lasts at least three hours.

2. It will be difficult to get rid of …

... if she chose you. Your Russian friend will be your best friend, your partner, your doctor, your beauty consultant, psychologist and sparring partner. Her entire time is hers now, she believes. Everything is sacrificed on the altar of their relationship. Not without reason did Russian women follow their exiled men as far as Siberia in the 19th century. So do not expect that you can scare your Russian girlfriend with difficult times. And as you begin to pretend to be a hopeless case, you will receive even more attention and emotional support from her. After that she will not leave you. No way.

3. You will have to be strong all the time

A Russian woman respects strength. Deep inside, she is independent, but finds that this is not always easy. Genetically it is, as the Russian writers already noted during the tsarist period, programmed to "go to a burning house and stop a galloping horse". Even in the 21st century, the Russian woman finds a way to demonstrate her strength of character. For example, she will be dragging a twenty-pound package of dog food up to the tenth floor upstairs without asking for help.

4. You will not be able to hide from her

She is not a woman from a James Bond movie. She is James Bond. As you search for the right words to tell her about your office party next Friday, she already knows where, when, and with whom you will be there. The insane monitoring of your social network account does not regard it as a violation of your privacy and not as a right to privacy. She simply keeps an eye on things to keep them out of control. Of course she does it in a strange way. But maybe this behavior is based on generational experience. Living side by side with relatives or other families on 20 square meters is not uncommon for a Russian person - many people have had this experience during the Soviet Union. So, crammed together under cramped conditions, people went to school and university, fell in love, got married, had children, and raised grandchildren. The concept of "personal privacy" was sometimes lost.

5. She wants to be married

Russian women take a relationship very seriously. The desire to marry as quickly as possible is in some cases what they really want, and in some cases the result of social pressure. For example, last year, 78 percent of Russians believed that life in a marriage should be preferred to life in a loose relationship. Anyway, your Russian girlfriend probably wants to get married and is waiting for a request.


First date – some life hacks


A Russian woman will be happy about your suggestion to let her choose the location. However, it will give her even greater pleasure if you take this task from her. Then you can take her to a restaurant whose kitchen she likes (you can find that out in advance). If she loves flowers and plants, then visit with her a botanical garden near you. In summer, a trip to a beautiful beer garden or park is also suitable. In winter, visiting a Christmas market is especially romantic. Basically everything is allowed that shows your loved one that you have thought of this meeting.

On the first date you should take the reins in hand. Even if you are in your city: research and think for yourself what you could do! Of course, you should ask her if she feels like it. But avoid being your guide. Go for a walk with a little sight-seeing and then take it out to dinner.

  • To choose in advance the place where you want to lead the girl, having learned about her tastes and preferences;

  • Dress with taste and look neat;

  • Go on a date in a very good mood. If you, for example, had a conflict at work, it is better to postpone the date;

  • Give a small gift (sweets, flowers ...);

  • An hour bye to call and offer to meet her or call for her;

  • To be positive, talkative, to communicate on various topics (to have in your arsenal funny life stories, jokes, interesting facts);

  • Behave in a natural way (how you behave with relatives, acquaintances and friends).

  • Be yourself!

  • Sincerely interested in the girl. She should feel that she is interesting to a man as a person, and not as an object of pleasure;

  • Be a gentleman. Do not forget to care for the girl (bring a coat, put a chair, open the door in the car ...) Be attentive to her!

  • Looking girl in the eye while talking. You can, as if by chance, touch, slightly hug, take by the hand;

  • Look at the girl admiring glance. Girls do not like awkward moments when silence drags on. But if at the same time you admire her, she will appreciate it. If the look is confused — this is a minus;

  • Be generous. Sometimes she hesitates to order in a restaurant. Take the initiative, even if it says: “No, I do not want!”;

  • Behave confidently, but not confidently. Excessive self-confidence only spoils everything;

  • Be sure to take the girl to the door of her apartment (house) and thank for the evening.

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What People Say About Mail-Order-Bride


If there were no advantage in being in a relationship with a girl from Russia, thousands of men from Western countries would not go to this faraway land to find your ideal partner. Here are the biggest pros of dating a Russian girl:

  • Russian girls have a lot of love in their hearts and they are ready to shower everything on them. Since you are not used to casual dating and are usually looking for a serious relationship, you have not wasted anything on that love. When you truly start falling for yourself, you will finally experience what it's like to be loved unconditionally. Thanks to this dating outlook, these ladies will sometimes even forgive your little mistakes when you are ready to do the same for you.

  • Slavic women are famous regardless. Due to a variety of factors, including the fact that there are simply not enough reliable men, these girls are only self dependent. Sure, you want to be in a relationship where you can feel protected and valued by a man. But by then you will surely learn to be your own source of financial and emotional support. While some girls are more than happy to become a housewife, you need to be ready for your girlfriend to do a job and income of your own.

  • Family is the number one priority for every Russian girl you meet on a dating site or in person. Whether you grew up in a large loving family or were raised by a single parent, you dream of the day you have your own family. Of course, faithfulness is not a problem with a Russian girlfriend or wife. It's just not cheating or even cheating in your mindset. If you want a girlfriend who will always be loyal, a Russian lady should be your top choice.

  • Russian girls are hard-intelligent. In contrast to a popular belief, these ladies are thoroughly trained. In addition to state education, you will also attend additional classes in music, dance, sports, drama, literature, crafts or more specific areas. Besides, young women like to read in Russia. You will be able to hold every conversation and you will never be ashamed that your girlfriend speaks nonsense in public.

  • Unlike girls from your own country, who usually keep their feelings to themselves, a friend from Russia will surprise you first with your honesty. She will always say what it's like, whether it's good or bad. If you do something that upsets you, you will not hesitate to tell you exactly what you did wrong. But if it is filled with joy and love for you, it will also let you know.

  • Girl from Russia and incredibly feminine. These ladies like to hug your feminine side, which is one of the things that make you better friends and women than women from your own country. Although you are not against feminist ideas in general, never go overboard. They love men who pick up the bill for dinner, make beautiful gestures and act like real men in every situation. In return, Russian girls will surround you with the kind of care that only female women are capable of.

Are Russian brides legal?


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What kind of men do Russian brides look for?


Everyone knows that women from a young age dream of a prince on a white horse. Of course, in the future, real feelings make their own adjustments, and a loving woman learns to accept both the strengths and weaknesses of a beloved man. However, of course, every woman would like to meet just that.

At the same time, I do not think it is right when the main motive of a man’s self-development is the desire to please a woman and meet her expectations. I would like a man to be guided in his development by his own inner aspirations.

However, as information for reflection, it is worth at least knowing the expectations of women. And if you think about it: do not men themselves want the same thing?

  • A russian bride wants a man to be stronger, smarter, more determined, larger than she.

  • A russian bride  to feel weak next to a strong, protected next to an almighty man

  • She is looking for a woman in a man's near and dear person. She needs an emotional understanding from a man, in his patience, adjusting to her pace and at the same time common values ​​and behavior.

  • A russian bride strives for a successful and well-to-do (in a broad sense) man, a man who is able to control herself and the situation

  • For a  russian bride is important positive, coming from a man, confidence in the best development of events (as she herself is depressed from time to time)

  • A russian bride wants from a man not just declarations of love, but romantic acts.

  • A russian bride seeks an independent, self-sufficient man (he knows what he wants - he wants to follow him / he does not allow himself to be manipulated - that means he will protect him if necessary)

  • For a russian bride it is important that a man be in something special, stand out, hit the imagination.


How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?


Understandably enough, many men are interested in this question. Of course, the fact that a woman assumes from the start that the man pays for food, tickets, etc. is a little strange to the western man. But you have to accept it unfortunately. For a Russian, this gesture is a good thing. Finally, she thanks her company, her charm and her wit. As the money issue in the wider relationship developed is set there, but the first date is up to you!

Now you have learned something about how it behaves with the enchanting but maybe sometimes obscure Russian women and got a better picture of them. If you want to try our tips right away, then look in our member gallery and find your personal beautiful Russian.


Guide to Finding Your Perfect Russian Bride (tips)


Like most good things in life, having a relationship with a woman from Russia can have its drawbacks. However, if you are determined to make it work, you will find a way to neutralize it. Here are the most common disadvantages of a Russian beauty:

  • Until you are ready to suggest and invite your Russian girlfriend to live with you, you must maintain a long distance relationship with occasional visits to Russia. This time in your relationship comes with the usual disadvantages of the remote dating: expensive travel, long periods without talking, a difference in the time zones, and sometimes even suspicion if you are not in touch with your partner for hours. The simple solution to this problem is to accelerate the progress of the relationship. If you are sure that you are the one, you will not waste any valuable time before you with your family.

  • In most cases you are facing a language barrier. Although Russian school children learn English for years, the average level of English in Russia is not enough to make a thoughtful conversation. If you use an online dating platform, you can request the services of a translator. However, if you plan to make your relationship more serious, you must either learn Russian or encourage your friend to improve your English.

  • Another thing you need to be ready for is possible cultural differences. You and your future girlfriend grew up in different parts of the world. You've seen different cartoons as you grew up, read different books, seen different movies and TV shows and admired different celebrities. Your parents have educated you differently. While catching up on the other's cultural prospects can be a lot of fun, it can take a long time for both of you to feel comfortable with each other's views.

  • Russian girls can be very reserved and even perceived as cold. While the truth is that you are far from cold, it can definitely seem that way at first. Until the girl feels comfortable around you, she can not show her charm, humor or carefree attitude too much. It also can not respond to your jokes and cues as you expect. But that only happens in the early stages of the relationship. If both of you are officially a few, your wife's personality will finally turn out to be as bright and sincere as you had hoped.